Instagram botting Bible for Beginners

Instagram botting Bible for Beginners

Safe, and reliably Botting

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Instagram Tipps

50-100 daily follows (obwohl ca 250-350 möglich sind)





PVA + Mail (not RU!)

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1 Proxy / per Account

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User has Profile Image

User has profile image” will ensure that only users with profile image are followed. I use this option to avoid users without profile image, because they are usually not very active users, nor very much into Instagram.



Like after Follow

Like latest posts of user after follow” will like the latest posts of the user after following him. I personally like this option very much, because liking after following someone is like icing on the cake. I would recommend you to use this option, as it improves the followback and engagement by large margins. I like the latest 1 to 3 posts of the user after following.




Follow users of Specific user

I personally recommend the second option, which is scraping followers/followings of a specific users. Followings are usually not very good, but scraping a specific user’s followers is very efficient way to get followers on your page. The followers page is sorted from newest to oldest, which means when a user follows an account, he will show on top of the list. So, you could find a popular account in your niche, that gains new followers every day and follow his followers, resulting in following active users and greater followback and engagement.



Follow Settings