FB fan page vorhanden?


target audience erstellen, siehe verwandte „paleo seiten“, scrape


neue mail-gruppe erstellen


squeeze page aufsetzen mit Hyconnect



shortstack: ifrage seite mit SP erstellen, verbinden mit FB


FB ad erstellen, mit target audience, tab








Video 1 – Precise Interest vs Custom Audiences


open ads manager



open power editor:

create audience, create a new audience, like paleo diet, add description.

chose file with UID



open ads mmgr

create ad


NO precise interests..

chose custom audience!


CA: only people that interact on a page: comment, like, post!!


pay 1 – 10 cent / click / 0,0075 zu 0,075 cent



small audience, suggested bid drops.




Video 2 – Keeping The Traffic Within Facebook


better to keep traffic in facebook..

clicks are cheaper


go to advanced options

select landing view, Squeeze P tab!



( Video 3 – Creating Your Facebook Ad Image )


blabla über images… /depositphotos


100 x 72 pix

hot girls für dating seiten..


online tool zum bildverkleinern..


tool für rahmen…..




Video 4 – Creating Your Ad Part 1 – Laser Targeting Your Audience


create add, put #1 in front.




remove sponsored stories.


use anyone – connections




Video 5 – Creating Your Ad Part 2 – Campaign, Pricing and Bidding


set a lifetime budget, approx 20€.. etc


advanced, optimize for impressions

PPC is more expensive / optimize for clicks

FB shows click price no matter what optimisatin.

chose highes suggested bid and increase a bit

get priority by higher prices.

so you can test faster


remember frequence: if it goes upt to 6 to 10, create new ad


average price is adjusted via CTR. keep it high, to pay less for bid.



Video 6 – Targeting Your Email List on Facebook


export your existing email list into facebook !


power editor


create audience




( Video 7 – Promoting Page Posts and Advanced Options )


Promote Posts with lots of likes an comments


…. nichts Wichtiges


! Video 8 – How to Segment Your Targeting


sehr wichtiges video zur analyse der AD-daten






  • PPC Campagne.
  • do a report, select age and gender
  • then, do a cheap CPM !




Video 1 – Selecting a Product to Promote


CB intro.. nix neues….


Video 2 – Your Facebook Product Launch Formula









different ads. to different SQP

select the SQP

be on a budget!

= best converting SQP





ALSO show ad on FB for list you build


( Video 3 – Managing Your Fan Page for Promotions )


outsourcing möglich..


posting videos = longer on newsfeed!


uploading vids, posts, etc.. related to fanpage



mention affiliate link in footer


(Video 4 – Creating Engaging Fan Post Images )


?? unwichtig



( Video 5 – Running Ads to Your Video Post )


Video kann auch promoted werden..


!!! Video 6 – Conversion Tracking !!!


Use conversion track under power editor.





hier einstellen:





!!! Video 7 – Your Map to Dirt Cheap Clicks





upload to newsfeed directly, stay 10x longer in feed



use CA to target


target email list on FB!




small groups, cheap clicks


add red border to images


use girls for attention


run ads to posts, videos if they are great, liked.


first: run ads for optimized for clicks. analizse, than target that audience.


after: run ads for impressions.







DFY Campaigns


How to use this course + How To Change And Edit An Image + Bonus creating a custom audience bonus video

nix neue


#1 Offline Webinar Autopilot


no social activiy..


no newsfeed

has a length of 63 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL which has a length of 27 characters:








#2 maps marketing blueprint










#3 WP Local Directory





#4 seo localize





#5 Offer Five Localizer Leads Tool







# 6 CPA Approval







Offer Seven Clickbank Dolo CPA Forum







#8 The App Shortcut









#9 easywebinar plugin








(JVZOO Webinar Express )








Adroll – Setting Up Your Retargeting Pixel


create smart pixel, insert into wordpress sites



takes approx 24h to become active


Fine tuning Your Retargeting Campaign



#1 = on website

#retarget on facebook


-> get started


create a campaign

budget, location, schedule..








you can segment sales pages, optins, etc.


try approx 15- 30 days



step 3 create a FB ad





step 4:


launch and review campaign



adroll does not accept expensive offers

does not accept get r ich / get rich quick schemes




Visitor Data (Segmenting, Tracking and Reports)


create a segment





Creating a News Feed Campaign


first authorizse page



go to fb page


manage admin roles



then, do a retargeting on newsfeed campaign




AdRoll Alternative: Perfect Audience


























Web 1




-> quick money



funnel: the system (direct link eg) . or lead and traffic funnel (keep traffic within facebook)